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    Touchstone is fully committed to providing the safest workplace possible. It is our mission to provide a healthy, safe, clean and enjoyable working environment for our associates.  Appreciation for our strong safety program is shared by both our employees and our customers.
            Employees are confident that we value and protect their well-being, and customers recognize that our safety program protects their employees and facilities as well. It is our mission to be the best in everything we do, and most importantly in our safety practices. Touchstone is continually evaluated and works to improve our processes to ensure success in safety.
"Quality is never an accident. Quality is the result of intelligent effort." - John Ruskin

            At Touchstone, our quality program is founded on intelligent effort. Each aspect of our work product contains the elements necessary for quality. Performing complex projects requires maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our organization is built on these principles:

  • Quality Systems Document
  • Quality Products
  • Quality Control Record
  • Quality Relationships